CSU fires Athletic Director (no one cares unless you’re from Colorado, I get it)

jackgraham2              Jack Graham, Athletic Director for Colorado State University has been fired after 3 years of moving CSU’s athletic department in the right direction………

In addition to hiring a National Championship-caliber football coach (who he stole from Nick Saban at Alabama), he also has revamped the Men’s and Women’s basketball programs with nationally recognized and successful coaches that have taken their respective teams to the NCAA tournament in recent years………Jack Graham has also headlined the need for an on-campus stadium movement in Fort Collins, CO over the last 3 years, making it his #1 priority (other than having great Farrah Fawcett hair).

kinopoisk.ruColorado State President, Tony Frank had this to say:


“I have elected to terminate Jack Graham’s employment as athletic director,” Frank said in a university release. “While I am grateful to Jack for the energy he’s brought to CSU in establishing a culture that expects excellence within Ram Athletics and his actions in hiring great coaches and staff, there have come to exist some substantial differences in our views.


“Based on our differences, I have chosen to exercise the termination for convenience clause within Jack’s contract to allow the university and the athletic department to move forward, building on the successes that Jack brought to our program. As a personnel issue, this will be the University’s only comment on this personnel action.”



Small town, tiny-brained, backwards-thinking University President just put CSU athletics on double-secret probation for being too forward-thinking.

“Fat, Drunk and Stupid are no way to go through life son…….”                    Double-secret-probation-e1351181694601It looks to me like the small-town mafia has taken over and rubbed out the only guy who could lead their athletic program into the 21st century.  Joe Pesci would be proud.


Cause this will help the game-watching experience…….


Anyone tuning into the 49ers/Ravens game last night undoubtedly noticed the giant, field sized, red “Toyota Zone” spray-paint lettering on their TV set.  Did a 10 year old corporate “Banksy” get a hold of some spray paint in your house??

Nope.  The NFL is just being a whore again.


Cause nothing says football like huge red corporate sponsorship logos in Cambria font across the 10-yard line.


Good news is that this isn’t a forgone conclusion yet, but much like a bad case of herpes, we probably haven’t seen the end of this from the NFL.


Bengals Backup QB Throw Up, Throws Touchdown, Throws Up Again

Pure Steamin Willie Beamen style.

There really isn’t much to say about this. The video does the talking: Matt Scott fucking throws up, then throws a TD. Then throws up again.

The backup was undrafted in 2013 out of Arizona, and spent his first season in Jacksonville on the practice squad. The guy hadn’t even taken one snap in an NFL game until last night.

Given his nerves were obviously functioning like a bro in Vegas after 7 straight Jagerbombs, he was still able to shoot 7-of-11 for 66 yds and 2 touchdowns – a freaking stellar 119.7 passer rating.

Sure, it was against the 4th squad. But he did it while throwing up. And not having thrown a pass since college. Like a boss.