This really happened

Remember the good old days in the mid-90s when basketball was on the cutting edge of the entertainment world?

Stars like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd, and a young, backboard-breaking-Shaquille O’Neal ruled the league with excitement and athleticism?

Then this happened:



That ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  Someone pitched the idea to MJ, and he said YES!  I can hear the pitch meeting now:

50 year old Executive

“Hey MJ, you know what the hip 90s people really love?  New Kids on the Block.  What do ya think about a charity game where you teach them all how to shoot freethrows?”


“No way.  Those white kids are from Boston, I don’t fuck with Boston.”

50 year old Executive

“OK, well I got the next BIG thing, Sumo wrestlers.”


“I don’t care anymore.”

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