Say it aint so

ALLEGEDLY, as posted by several blogs and websites today, Allen Iverson was spotted begging for change outside of Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA.

“I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” said Iverson.


(but probably he didn’t really say that, cause this can’t be true)

All jokes aside, if this is true I am at a loss for words.  I doubt very much it is true, but let’s talk about it anyway.

–Allen Iverson fell on hard times when his basketball career abruptly ended. Though the 76ers legend is currently bankrupt, he does have a $30 million trust with Reebok, which he cannot access until he is 55-years-old.

–Over his NBA career, Iverson made over $154.5 million in salary. The 39-year-old also racked up quite a bit of income in endorsements, bringing his income to over $200 million.

–Iverson blew through his money at an alarming rate on gaudy jewelry, expensive cars, and other frivolous purchases. In 2012, a Georgia judge garnished his wages to satisfy a $859,896.46 debt to a jeweler.

Are you telling me that “the answer” doesn’t have any more answers??  How do you run through $200 million!?!?


Allen Iverson was one of the greatest scorers in the NBA’s history, and probably the best under-6ft player EVER on earth.


24,368 points, 1,983 steals, 5,624 assists.

26.7 ppg, 6.2 ast, 2.2 stl, .313 3P%, .425 FG%, 41.4 mp.

901 games started out of 914 games played.

A.I. averaged over 30 ppg five times in his HOF career, he averaged over 25 ppg eleven times.

The 9-time all-star played in the NBA for 14 seasons on 4 different teams.  He recently in 2011 ended his professional career in Turkey playing for Beşiktaş (Turkey).

According to some reports, after being kicked off the sidewalk at the mall, Iverson said to a reporter that he hoped to be back involved with the Philadelphia 76ers organization very soon in a front office role.

I can’t imagine it will have anything to do with the budget or salary cap space.


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