Seaworld offers Chip Kelly gig in a new underwater football attraction

Chip Kelly has not YET left his job coaching the Philadelphia Eagles for what has been called a “lucrative offer” from Seaworld to take part in a new underwater football/basket-weaving attraction in San Diego.

But there has been an audition tape circulating the internet:


(just kidding, Coach Chip Kelly is just cool as hell)

What’s hilarious to me is the players’ reactions, they seem to NOT be impressed at all with Coach Kelly’s diving skills.  This must be a normal activity in Philadelphia training camp?

Maybe Coach Kelly has been watching “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” too much lately.


“Smokin” Joe Frazier Statue is badass


A nine-foot, 400-pound statue of “Smokin” Joe Frazier brought one of his daughters to tears. Now, it’s being bronzed and prepped for all of Philadelphia and the world to see.

Hopefully they put it right next to the “Rocky” statue so the two can duke it out for the inter-stellar-bronze-statue title belt.

A star is reborn, Steph Marbury rises like a phoenix

What’s Steph Marbury been up to lately you may ask?

Well in addition to having his own life-sized statue erected outside of Wukesong Stadium in Beijing where his Ducks play, he is also going to star in a brand new on-stage production of “I was Marbury” somewhere in China (what, Panda Friend/Metta World Peace wasn’t available?).

Tickets for “I was Marbury” went on sale yesterday, and I am only assuming they sold out within 30 seconds, or what ever unit of time measurement they have in that alternate universe. 

17miwl84tv3s2jpgThe play’s director, Zhou Wenhong, told Chinese media (or at least that’s what they want us to think) that the main theme of the play will be “never give up” and will incorporate choreographed basketball moves with dance (as apposed to non-choreographed basketball/dance moves).  

That’s right Zach Efron, you’re not the only singing/dancing/basketball playing talent thug person in the world anymore.  LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL baby!  Railsplitters!


Marbury, however, describes the play’s story in grander terms, saying in a press conference the play focuses on “Sino-US relations”.  

Marbury will play himself (ahh, really?), but will only be in a few scenes, as the production focuses around the Chinese players that Marbury has “inspired”. 

Can we just pause for a moment and really let all that sink in?


Ok, now we can continue……….

“I Was Marbury” runs 11 straight nights from October 1st to 11th in Beijing Wukesong Stadium. Ticket prices range from about $30 to $270.  I assume that means it will grace Broadway’s stages some time in December, right in time for Christmas.