Manziel fined by the NFL for being a 12-year old kid in a Browns uniform

The NFL came down on Johnny “Clipboard” today, fining him $12,000 for his “Obscene Gesture” in last week’s preseason game against the Washington Redskins.

johnny-manziel-flips-bird“I felt like I did a good job of holding my composure throughout the night, and you have a lapse of judgment and slip up,” said Manziel.

REALLY JOHNNY???  You’re one “lapse of judgement” was a pretty clear indication of where you’re heads at right now:


Over/Under on how much $$$ Johnny “Clipboard” will be fined this season:


Where is the Love??

Will the Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins BLUE BALLS-trade just finish already?!?!

I’m ready for my post-coital cigarette so I can be done with this trade talk and walk-of-shame myself back home so I can fully concentrate of football.

The 30-day waiting period to move Andrew Wiggins ends on Saturday, so hopefully by Monday we will have this thing all done and in the books.  So far, the trade looks like this:

Goonies Sloth

oh sorry, I lost my train of thought for a moment.

Minnesota T-Wolves get: 

Thaddeus Young – from Philadelphia

Andrew Wiggins – from Cleveland

Anthony Bennett – from Cleveland

Future 1st-round pick – from Cleveland


Philadelphia 76ers get:

 Future 1st-round pick – from Minnesota

Luc Richard Mbaha…..(i forget the rest)– from Minnesota

Alexey Shved – from Minnesota


Cleveland Cavs get:

Kevin Love – from Minnesotakevin-love-taco

When they were young

Sports and celebrity mix and match so………weirdly for the most part.  Every celebrity thinks they’re an athlete, every athlete thinks they’re a celebrity.  But somehow the two different professions don’t seem to always match in a natural way:

My favorite is easily Darius Miles, you think when he was drafted into the NBA he had any clue that his basketball career would barely be more memorable then his acting career?

So without further distraction, I give you the newest hit game-show that hasn’t been marketed correctly yet…..(in my best Dan Patrick-Host voice) Guess that celebrity/athlete!!


That’s an easy one.


give ya a hint……”ah blurgh”


Chuck Norris doesn’t call the wrong number, you answered the wrong phone.


40 year-old virgin

Jamie Foxx

Academy award for “Ray” (“just let your sooouuul glooooo!”)


Mad Men


Playboy bunny, was Hef’s girlfriend, had her own tv show, married a former Eagles receiver.

(I forgot her name too)

(it’s Kendra Wilkinson)


He slayed Vampires (i think), and has a Z in his last name.


Expecto Petronum


The Daily Show with……


Been a cop in every movie EVER.  “No Country for Old Men”, “US Marshals”, “The Fugitive”.


The Longest Yard (not the Adam Sandler shiz)


Talk show host who loves to dance.


Mrs. Doubtfire R.I.P.




Just Keep Livin Man.


Pudding Jello


I don’t even know one of her songs, so I’ll just tell you. 

Sheryl Crow


Again, I can’t name you one of her songs.


Tyler Durden


No Doubt


He is a reality show mogul……and he hosts EVERYTHING on TV.

“This is American Idol”


Do I even have to say it?

Rocky Balboa


Smokes a lot of weed and plays hillbilly folk and country music. 

Notice the leather helmet with no facemask, that’s how old he is.


you’ll never get this one.

He’s been in everything, “Mary Tyler Moore Show”, he played “Lou Grant”, he’s the voice of the old man in “UP”.

Now he sells Solar Power on TV infomercials.

email me if you don’t get it.