Where is the Love??

Will the Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins BLUE BALLS-trade just finish already?!?!

I’m ready for my post-coital cigarette so I can be done with this trade talk and walk-of-shame myself back home so I can fully concentrate of football.

The 30-day waiting period to move Andrew Wiggins ends on Saturday, so hopefully by Monday we will have this thing all done and in the books.  So far, the trade looks like this:

Goonies Sloth

oh sorry, I lost my train of thought for a moment.

Minnesota T-Wolves get: 

Thaddeus Young – from Philadelphia

Andrew Wiggins – from Cleveland

Anthony Bennett – from Cleveland

Future 1st-round pick – from Cleveland


Philadelphia 76ers get:

 Future 1st-round pick – from Minnesota

Luc Richard Mbaha…..(i forget the rest)– from Minnesota

Alexey Shved – from Minnesota


Cleveland Cavs get:

Kevin Love – from Minnesotakevin-love-taco


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