ESPN is so good at their job sometimes

This morning, ESPN reported on Michael Sam’s SHOWERING habits from pre-season training camp for the  St Louis Rams.

SERIOUSLY???  This is the hard-hitting news-story that ESPN chose to talk about:

Maybe on the next report we’ll learn about his showering technique, soaping methods, what shampoo he uses, does he use a washcloth?  Well done ESPN, well done.

Texas Rangers’ odd-couple are at it again

The Texas Rangers have a great left-side of the infield, the duo of Adrian Beltre and Elvis (we gotta win this race) Andrus combine for a .968 fielding percentage and a combined 303 put-outs (tops in the league) .  Beltre leads the league in put-outs by a third baseman (115), and Andrus leads the league in put-outs by a short stop (188) and is in the top ten in double-plays-turned and assists.

But the real entertainment between these two players comes in a form of schtick comedy that Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau would be proud of. 


Seriously, aren’t these two just the cutest??

For those of you who don’t know, Adiran Beltre has a pet-peeve about getting touched on the top of his head.  Maybe he was patted on the noggin by a weird “Uncle” too many times growing up, who knows. 

At any rate, this type of reaction is not uncommon for Beltre, and i find it hilarious: