Broncos’ Peyton Manning throws a TD and yells at a Safety (awesome)

If you’re like me, then you’ve been emotionally involved, cherishing, skipping work to watch, casually checking out the “Hard Knocks” series on HBO the last few weeks.

If so, you may have encountered this Safety for the Houston Texans:

The mouth wearing a Houston Texans jersey is CJ Swearinger.

CJ definitely made himself know in the last week, whether it was by letting his mouth take over a passing drill in “Hard Knocks”, or when Peyton Manning threw a dagger into the endzone to Emmanuel Sanders which lead to Manning doing this:

Peyton Manning had previously NEVER been flagged for a “taunting” penalty in his career.

Earlier in the preseason game, Swearinger laid a hit on Broncos WR Wes Welker that sent him to the bench with yet another concussion.

On the very next play, Manning threw a TD to Emmanuel Sanders, then ran the length of the field to yell at Swearinger.  My graduate degree from Mouth-Reading University indicates that Manning lead the conversation off with “TRUCK YOU”, which he repeated several times to Swearinger.  I can only imagine they were discussing a future car commercial.


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