Power 5 Top 5

With no Jameis Winston, and Clemson being Clemson, Florida State was able to win out in a hard fought game last week. As it is, FSU stays at top of the Power 5 Top 5 for another week.


  1. Florida State (ACC): Year after year, Clemson finds a way to stumble in big games. They had the perfect opportunity to stop Florida State’s ACC winning streak, and not to mention, beat the number one team in the nation. Maybe next year.


  1. Oregon (PAC-12): Talk about a team that came to play! Washington State had the Ducks on the ropes! But thanks to Heisman hopeful, Marcus Mariota, Oregon was able to escape Pullman with a win.


  1. Oklahoma (Big-12): Just like in their game against Alabama, West Virginia played very competitively against Oklahoma. But just like Alabama, Oklahoma was just too much for West Virginia to handle.


  1. Alabama (SEC): After the game against the Tide, Will Muschamp’s seat just became unbearably hot! We might see him on another sideline come this time next year. On the other hand, Lane Kiffin seems to be getting the ‘Bama offense, and Blake Sims, in prime season form. After sitting on top of the SEC West for a while now, Alabama might have to keep a close eye on Mississippi State. MSU went into Death Valley, and dominated (until the end of the game) a young LSU team. Will this be the year the Bulldogs break through?


  1. Nebraska (Big 10): We’ll put Nebraska, for now, as the team to beat in the Big 10. This is probably temporary, but after their win against Miami, the team looks decent enough to be on top. Penn State, who is the only other Big 10 team undefeated, is right on their heels.

Keith Olbermann, YES……..again

Once again Keith Olbermann says exactly what every non-Yankees fan has been thinking for about 20 years.

Firstly, I am a Red Sox fan.

Secondly, that doesn’t matter.

Thirdly, Olbermann couldn’t be more correct about Derek Jeter.

Let’s just call it what it REALLY is, Derek Jeter was a very, very good shortstop that played for the most advertised/popular professional baseball team in America.  The most impressive stat to me about Jeter is that he played in New York, completely public-scandal-free for 20 years, while he plowed through:

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa Minnillo

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

On second thought, maybe he was the greatest shortstop to ever play the game.

Bravo Derek Jeter, BRAVO.

If I was a betting man

Every Thursday we will give you multiple winners, basically giving you free money.  We should actually just call this post,

“The William J. Le Petomane memorial gambling blog for the insane”.

Casey G’s WINNERS:



Taking Chicago @ home +1.5 over Green Bay.

“Chicago is on the verge of figuring it all out”, said EVERY BEARS FAN ON EARTH. But seriously, Jay Cutler is slinging it all over and has now found a new and improved red-zone killer in his TE Martellus Bennett.

Green Bay’s woes will continue, even though Aaron Rodgers has all but discount-double-checked a victory with his own version of “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”. Except in this 2014 remake, Rodgers will be relaxing while picking the Soldier Field grass out of his teeth.


Taking Pittsburgh @ home -7.5 over Tampa Bay.

“Black n Yellow, Black n Yellow”. But more importantly, Tampa Bay is just absolutely terrible. After last Thursday’s excuse for a football team was waxed intellectually by Atlanta, there is very little hope for anything less than the same in Pittsburgh……did I mention that the Steelers just re-signed James “prison break” Harrison too?? I’d take this line even if it was two touchdowns.


Taking Philadelphia away +5 over San Francisco.

I’m taking a Philadelphia Flyer on the Philly Eagles boys-n-girls!! Call it a bounce-back game for the Eagles, or you can call it a bay area disaster on par with the quake in ‘89. The 49ers are on a slippery slope lubed up with KY and Clark W. Griswold’s non-nutritive cereal varnish.

San Francisco has a bigger identity crisis than Tom Cruise after too many vanilla bean martinis. “Am I a wide-open, spread-it-around, play the field sorta dude or a jam it up the middle, control the clock kind of guy?” I’ll let you guess if I was just referring to Tom Cruise or the 49ers offense.



Taking Virginia @ home -27 over Kent St.

Kent St. has a football team?


Taking Michigan St. @ home -31.5 over Wyoming.

Does anyone go to Wyoming on purpose? Why do I feel like people just end up there on accident, kind of like Narnia, Never-Never Land or New Jersey.

TL Graham’s WINNERS:


Boston College (-9 ½) over Colorado State:

CSU will be traveling the farthest east it has ever been since 1959, which will give BC an edge. Boston College is on a two game winning streak, after beating USC, and will continue that streak on Saturday.

Stanford (7 ½) over Washington:

Battle for the PAC-12 North begins this weekend in Seattle. New coach, Chris Petersen, is looking to get a signature win in his first season, but it won’t be against Stanford.

Utah (-13 ½) over Washington State:

Wazzu put up a valiant fight in a loss against Oregon last week. Utah is coming off a road win at The Big House, in a game that they controlled over Michigan. Even though Washington State has the number one passing offense in the nation, Utah will get the stops it needs to win the game.


New Orleans (-3) over Dallas:

Rob Ryan’s defense hasn’t been looking so great lately, but being that the Saints are playing Dallas (a team that he has no love for), he’ll have his guys ready. Not to mention that Dallas’ secondary, which is weak, is playing against Drew Brees. Doesn’t bode well for the ‘Boys.

San Francisco (-5) over Philadelphia:

This is a tough one. The Eagles have been winning games while coming back from behind, and the 49ers have been losing games after being in the lead. Their first game in their new stadium ended in a loss and Kaepernick and crew are looking to rectify that.

There you have it, happy hunting.

Power 5 Top 5

Now it’s time to get into the meat of the football schedules with the beginning of conference games! This is where we separate the men from the boys. We’ll see if Florida is ready to play with the big boys, or will Will Muschamp’s seat just get hotter? Oklahoma travels to Morgantown, WV, where playing is always tough. As far as the Power 5 Top 5 is concerned, Oklahoma is slowly working its way up the ladder.


  1. Florida State (ACC): “Famous” Jameis doesn’t seem to be learning from his past mistakes. With his latest incident of dumbness, Coach Jimbo Fisher has suspended him for the first half (just a half, Coach??) against Clemson this weekend. Is this the game that knocks the ‘Noles off course?


  1. Oregon (PAC-12): Travels to Washington State. Wazzu hasn’t beaten the Ducks since 2006 and they probably won’t beat them this year.


  1. Oklahoma (Big 12): Took care of business in their non-conference games and look to take care of business in conference.


  1. Alabama (SEC): Putting Alabama on top after Georgia’s loss to South Carolina. Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M are a close second. In fact, lets throw all of the SEC West, except Arkansas (because of their one loss) in a close second. These conference games will be a meat grinder.

 Big Ten

  1. Anyone In The (Big Ten): Still on the outside looking in. Penn State and Nebraska might be worthy of taking the top spot, but that remains to be seen. I might have to look outside of the conference (BYU?) for some team worthy of this rank.

Meanwhile in Korea…..

The future 20-game winner for the New York Yankees announcing his presence with authority in this video, is councilman Kim Sung-il.  He is upset with the relocation of a professional baseball stadium that has yet to be built in Korea, decided by the mayor of Changwon, South Korea, Ahn Sang-soo. 

The Mayor decided the new stadium will be built in Masan, instead of Jinhae, which is where the councilman is from, and as we all know is the omelet capitol of the Korea.

Bad move Mayor Ahn Sang-soo.

Even though the second egg goes wide right: 

I appreciate the fact that councilman Kim Sung-ill had the gumption to bring two eggs to a words-fight, just in case he had time to reload.


1.  Roger Goodell

2.  Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Arian Foster…..hell, EVERY NFL player mentioned in any news the last two weeks.

3.  The Minnesota Vikings Front Office

4.  Paul George (remember his twitter rant about Ray Rice?)

5.  Cris Collinsworth, Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Phil Simms, you all put me to sleep with your monotone, boring, football-squawk-box, word-vomit every single Sunday.  PLEASE go away.

6.  Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless (I didn’t forget about you ESPN).  Seriously, how many times do we have to see or hear these guys fake-arguing or saying something borderline racist or flat out offensive?!?!  It doesn’t help that they’re on air EVERY morning when I wake up, I’d rather wake up next to a herpes-ridden Tyrannosaurus Rex with low self-esteem and a small “Molly” habit, then hear Stephen A. and Skip talk about anything.

7.  Wes Welker.  Seriously bro?  Amphetamines at the Kentucky Derby??

8.  Jameis Winston.  All you have to do at this point is NOT be an idiot and you’re a top 3 pick in the next NFL draft.

9.  Rihanna.  U mad bro?  CBS and the Baltimore Ravens thought it would be a bad move to have you sing “Run This Town” before the week 2 Sunday Ravens game due to the Ray Rice news causing Rihanna to become upset about getting bumped to Thursday night’s game.  I mean, just connect the dots on your own.

10.  Athletes who use twitter by themselves with no one monitoring it for them.  It’s just gonna get you into trouble.  Stop.

Power 5 Top 5 (Week 2)

Last week did not disappoint with clashes of great teams! Michigan State at Oregon was the game of the week (USC/Stanford right behind it) and it did not disappoint, unless you are a Michigan State fan. With the loss, and unless a miracle happens, it does not look like the Big 10 will have a team in the playoff, but that’s all speculation. Let’s get to what I do know: My Power 5 Top 5!


  1. Florida State (ACC): Took care of business against Citadel. It’s unfortunate that a couple of injuries to FSU’s players might have been due to dirty play by the Bulldogs players.


  1.  Oregon (PAC-12): At the end of the first half against Michigan State, it looked like the Spartans were going to make the statement that the Big 10 was here to play! Alas, no, no they weren’t. Give credit to new defensive coach Don Pellum for making the proper adjustments at half-time and Heisman hopeful Marcus Mariota making the plays to turn this game into their favor.


  1. Georgia (SEC): Had a bye last week. I couldn’t drop them in rank because of their bye. We’ll revisit their ranking next week after seeing how they do against The Ol’ Ball Coach.


  1. Oklahoma (Big 12): Tulsa didn’t have a chance. Former SEC power Tennessee comes to Norman this weekend. This game will be more of a test to see where Tennessee is in the overall scheme of things.

Big Ten

  1. Anyone in the Big Ten? (Big 10): The Big 10 is just not getting it done. Michigan State had a chance to establish themselves but didn’t. Ohio State lost, in The Horse Shoe, to Virginia Tech. Nebraska had to use a touchdown in the last minute to beat McNesse State (let that sink for a minute). Northwestern loses to Northern Illinois, Purdue gets blown out by Central Michigan, and the worst of all, Michigan, in the last game of the series with Notre Dame, lays a humongous egg!!! Is Penn State possibly the best team in the Big 10? Wisconsin? The future looks bleak for this conference in getting into the inaugural playoff.

David Simon Announces Surprise Season 6 of “The Wire” (I think…)

Since Ray Rice-gate 2014 has exploded on our faces this week, the wood-work has opened itself widely to us and spewed more follow-up drama than a late-to-the-party, drunken, scorned, ex-girlfriend.

Another story has surfaced from the B-More Ravens’ locker room, and this one hits all the plot points:  Guns, Domestic Disputes, Cops and a Pro-Bowl Linebacker.


What's that noise??

What’s that noise??

According to the domestic complaint obtained last Friday by the Baltimore Sun, Terrell Suggs’ longtime girlfriend, Candace Williams, claimed the All-Pro punched her in the neck and dragged her alongside a speeding car with their two children in the vehicle. The woman said she suffered “severe road rash” as a result of the incident. 

As standard protocol, in the aftermath of a complaint of this nature, Suggs was asked to turn over any firearms to the police.  He did so, turning in a small arsenal of 9 GUNS to Baltimore Police:

Omar Comin'

Omar Comin’

I’ve connected the dots for us, David Simon has secretly written and begun filming season 6 of “The Wire”, centered around a corrupt professional football team in Baltimore and it’s connection to the underground world of drugs, gun-running and prostitution.  What’s left of the “Avon Barksdale Crew” and the “Marlo Stanfield Crew” are battling over who owns the Baltimore Ravens, and more specifically where the team’s players’ loyalties really are. 

Ray Lewis on trial for murder in 2000 was the teaser for Season 6,The Wire – the real game ain’t on the field”. 

The first act of the season is the introduction of Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs recruiting other players in the Ravens locker room, Ray Rice with “Avon Barksdale” and Terrell Suggs with “Marlo Stanfield”.  Ray Lewis is the OG in the background that’s reborn and only wants to live a clean lifestyle, by reaching out to kids, preaching at the local neighborhood church and coaching football in high school. 

Jim Harbaugh has hired “Jimmy McNulty” as the team’s “Private Investigator” to keep tabs on any kind of illegal activities streaming through the Ravens’ locker room. 

With “Detective Bunk” working the team’s inter-politics along-side McNulty, the top’s about to pop off, in this 1-hour Crime-Drama.  Make sure you take a shot of Jameson, and back it up with a Budweiser, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.



Keith Olberman, yes.

As I am sure all of you have seen by now, the TMZ video of Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancee’ (now wife?) Janay Palmer has surfaced and  Ray Rice’s contract has been terminated by the Baltimore Ravens.

But I am sure you all haven’t seen Keith Olberman CALL IT LIKE IT IS (as he usually does):

After watching ESPN Analyst/former Ravens’ linebacker/accused murderer, Ray Lewis talk on air earlier tonight about how the Ray Rice incident is “night and day different” from his murder trial in 2000 (why is he comparing it to his murder trial?), I felt a little better about society when Keith Olberman said exactly what needed to be said.

Ray Rice is banned from the NFL indefinitely, but why do I feel like he’ll end up in a Dallas Cowboy uniform in 2 years?