Wes Welker is having a bad couple of weeks

Wes Welker, the pride and joy for all undersized “slot” receivers, has been suspended for violating the NFL’s policy against performance enhancing drugs. 

According to an Adam Schefter report, Welker tested positive for amphetamines.


Welker’s suspension falls on the heels of a questionable status for week 1 due to a concussion in a preseason game two weeks ago.  But now, regardless of being cleared to play by the concussion experts (oxymoron), Welker will be missing in Denver’s high octane, #1 ranked offense until week 5.

This will definitely give the Broncos’ newest addition at WR, Emmanuel Sanders, a great opportunity to shine in the foreseeable future.  

Another ESPN report from Broncos’ camp surfaced today after practice, when Peyton Manning heard the news about Welker’s suspension, he sprinted to Roger Goodell’s office in New York (Peyton’s really fast) and repeatedly yelled at him for knocking out his favorite WR.

(just kidding about the Peyton Manning part) 




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