Keith Olberman, yes.

As I am sure all of you have seen by now, the TMZ video of Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancee’ (now wife?) Janay Palmer has surfaced and  Ray Rice’s contract has been terminated by the Baltimore Ravens.

But I am sure you all haven’t seen Keith Olberman CALL IT LIKE IT IS (as he usually does):

After watching ESPN Analyst/former Ravens’ linebacker/accused murderer, Ray Lewis talk on air earlier tonight about how the Ray Rice incident is “night and day different” from his murder trial in 2000 (why is he comparing it to his murder trial?), I felt a little better about society when Keith Olberman said exactly what needed to be said.

Ray Rice is banned from the NFL indefinitely, but why do I feel like he’ll end up in a Dallas Cowboy uniform in 2 years?







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