David Simon Announces Surprise Season 6 of “The Wire” (I think…)

Since Ray Rice-gate 2014 has exploded on our faces this week, the wood-work has opened itself widely to us and spewed more follow-up drama than a late-to-the-party, drunken, scorned, ex-girlfriend.

Another story has surfaced from the B-More Ravens’ locker room, and this one hits all the plot points:  Guns, Domestic Disputes, Cops and a Pro-Bowl Linebacker.


What's that noise??

What’s that noise??

According to the domestic complaint obtained last Friday by the Baltimore Sun, Terrell Suggs’ longtime girlfriend, Candace Williams, claimed the All-Pro punched her in the neck and dragged her alongside a speeding car with their two children in the vehicle. The woman said she suffered “severe road rash” as a result of the incident. 

As standard protocol, in the aftermath of a complaint of this nature, Suggs was asked to turn over any firearms to the police.  He did so, turning in a small arsenal of 9 GUNS to Baltimore Police:

Omar Comin'

Omar Comin’

I’ve connected the dots for us, David Simon has secretly written and begun filming season 6 of “The Wire”, centered around a corrupt professional football team in Baltimore and it’s connection to the underground world of drugs, gun-running and prostitution.  What’s left of the “Avon Barksdale Crew” and the “Marlo Stanfield Crew” are battling over who owns the Baltimore Ravens, and more specifically where the team’s players’ loyalties really are. 

Ray Lewis on trial for murder in 2000 was the teaser for Season 6,The Wire – the real game ain’t on the field”. 

The first act of the season is the introduction of Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs recruiting other players in the Ravens locker room, Ray Rice with “Avon Barksdale” and Terrell Suggs with “Marlo Stanfield”.  Ray Lewis is the OG in the background that’s reborn and only wants to live a clean lifestyle, by reaching out to kids, preaching at the local neighborhood church and coaching football in high school. 

Jim Harbaugh has hired “Jimmy McNulty” as the team’s “Private Investigator” to keep tabs on any kind of illegal activities streaming through the Ravens’ locker room. 

With “Detective Bunk” working the team’s inter-politics along-side McNulty, the top’s about to pop off, in this 1-hour Crime-Drama.  Make sure you take a shot of Jameson, and back it up with a Budweiser, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.




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