Power 5 Top 5 (Week 2)

Last week did not disappoint with clashes of great teams! Michigan State at Oregon was the game of the week (USC/Stanford right behind it) and it did not disappoint, unless you are a Michigan State fan. With the loss, and unless a miracle happens, it does not look like the Big 10 will have a team in the playoff, but that’s all speculation. Let’s get to what I do know: My Power 5 Top 5!


  1. Florida State (ACC): Took care of business against Citadel. It’s unfortunate that a couple of injuries to FSU’s players might have been due to dirty play by the Bulldogs players.


  1.  Oregon (PAC-12): At the end of the first half against Michigan State, it looked like the Spartans were going to make the statement that the Big 10 was here to play! Alas, no, no they weren’t. Give credit to new defensive coach Don Pellum for making the proper adjustments at half-time and Heisman hopeful Marcus Mariota making the plays to turn this game into their favor.


  1. Georgia (SEC): Had a bye last week. I couldn’t drop them in rank because of their bye. We’ll revisit their ranking next week after seeing how they do against The Ol’ Ball Coach.


  1. Oklahoma (Big 12): Tulsa didn’t have a chance. Former SEC power Tennessee comes to Norman this weekend. This game will be more of a test to see where Tennessee is in the overall scheme of things.

Big Ten

  1. Anyone in the Big Ten? (Big 10): The Big 10 is just not getting it done. Michigan State had a chance to establish themselves but didn’t. Ohio State lost, in The Horse Shoe, to Virginia Tech. Nebraska had to use a touchdown in the last minute to beat McNesse State (let that sink for a minute). Northwestern loses to Northern Illinois, Purdue gets blown out by Central Michigan, and the worst of all, Michigan, in the last game of the series with Notre Dame, lays a humongous egg!!! Is Penn State possibly the best team in the Big 10? Wisconsin? The future looks bleak for this conference in getting into the inaugural playoff.