Meanwhile in Korea…..

The future 20-game winner for the New York Yankees announcing his presence with authority in this video, is councilman Kim Sung-il.  He is upset with the relocation of a professional baseball stadium that has yet to be built in Korea, decided by the mayor of Changwon, South Korea, Ahn Sang-soo. 

The Mayor decided the new stadium will be built in Masan, instead of Jinhae, which is where the councilman is from, and as we all know is the omelet capitol of the Korea.

Bad move Mayor Ahn Sang-soo.

Even though the second egg goes wide right: 

I appreciate the fact that councilman Kim Sung-ill had the gumption to bring two eggs to a words-fight, just in case he had time to reload.


1.  Roger Goodell

2.  Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Arian Foster…..hell, EVERY NFL player mentioned in any news the last two weeks.

3.  The Minnesota Vikings Front Office

4.  Paul George (remember his twitter rant about Ray Rice?)

5.  Cris Collinsworth, Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Phil Simms, you all put me to sleep with your monotone, boring, football-squawk-box, word-vomit every single Sunday.  PLEASE go away.

6.  Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless (I didn’t forget about you ESPN).  Seriously, how many times do we have to see or hear these guys fake-arguing or saying something borderline racist or flat out offensive?!?!  It doesn’t help that they’re on air EVERY morning when I wake up, I’d rather wake up next to a herpes-ridden Tyrannosaurus Rex with low self-esteem and a small “Molly” habit, then hear Stephen A. and Skip talk about anything.

7.  Wes Welker.  Seriously bro?  Amphetamines at the Kentucky Derby??

8.  Jameis Winston.  All you have to do at this point is NOT be an idiot and you’re a top 3 pick in the next NFL draft.

9.  Rihanna.  U mad bro?  CBS and the Baltimore Ravens thought it would be a bad move to have you sing “Run This Town” before the week 2 Sunday Ravens game due to the Ray Rice news causing Rihanna to become upset about getting bumped to Thursday night’s game.  I mean, just connect the dots on your own.

10.  Athletes who use twitter by themselves with no one monitoring it for them.  It’s just gonna get you into trouble.  Stop.


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