Keepin it REAL with Steve Smith Sr.

I’ve always liked Steve Smith Sr., the stand-out WR for the Baltimore Ravens.  At 5’9″, 195lbs., Smith is a bowling ball of explosion on the football field, carving up defenses in the NFL for the last 14 seasons.

While in a Carolina Panthers uniform, he racked up seven 1,000-yd receiving seasons, 67 receiving TDs and 5 pro-bowl selections.  He was a great “locker-room guy” (whatever the hell that means) and a team leader for 13 years in Carolina, before being dropped faster than Peter McNeeley in 1995 when Mike Tyson dismantled him in one minute, twenty-nine seconds.

Seriously, who was dumb enough to bet on McNeeley???

Seriously, who was dumb enough to bet on McNeeley???

It took about the same amount of time for the Baltimore Ravens to sign Smith Sr. to a new contract and instantly become the face of their receiving core.

Fast-forward to last Sunday, “The Payback Game” between the once-Steve Smith Sr.-lead, Carolina Panthers and the new-car-smell, Baltimore Ravens.  Steve Smith Sr., burns the Carolina secondary like a plague of herpes, racking up 139 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns, leading to the best shit-talking in the NFL since Shannon Sharpe called the President of the United States from the sidelines.

Steve Smith Sr. dropped more knowledge on the world in the post-game interview,

“That film is a coaching session,” Smith said. “I’m 35 years old, and I ran around those boys like they were schoolyard kids.”

“That film” was in reference to what he did on the field, “those boys” were the unfortunate souls that attempted to keep up with the 35-year old Wide Receiver.

Those “schoolyard kids” may need to go back to their day jobs, landscaping is a booming industry I hear.

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