Jerry Jones……still old and creepy

Dallas Cowboy fans can breath easy now, the lawsuit that had been filed against Jerry Jones by “former stripper” (yeah ok), Jana Weckerly, has now been officially dismissed.

Jana Weckerly had been seeking more than $1 million in damages from Jones and the Cowboys after an alleged incident at a Dallas hotel in 2009.

stay classy Jerry Jones

stay classy Jerry Jones

article-2717451-204BBD2000000578-558_634x512Photos surfaced over the summer of Jones posing in what some would call an “upward dog” (not a yoga term), but he said the pictures were a “misrepresentation” of what happened.

If “misrepresentation” means (assumed) drunken, Winnie The Pooh costumed,  women in sexual poses while Jerry Football creepy-uncle-stares into the camera, then yes……I would say the photos were a “misrepresentation” of what happened.

shirt, NO PANTS party


Attorneys for Jones had argued that the suit should be dismissed because the Oklahoma woman waited too long to file it. The suit accused Jones of grabbing Weckerly’s genitals and kissing her without her consent.

She also accused Jones and the Dallas Cowboys front office of conspiring to keep her quiet by paying her hush money for at least four years.

But all is good for Dallas fans, Romo has them tied for first place in the NFC East at 5-1, soooooooo everything’s cool right??

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