The Only Time (non-Lakers fans) Root For Kobe

In last night’s NBA season opener between the Houston Rockets (Dwight Howard) and the Los Angeles Lakers (Black Mamba), everyone on TNT was reminded why Dwight Howard didn’t make it in LA:

Kobe proceeds (while the replay referees fumble all over themselves replaying god-knows-what) to very clearly yell to Dwight, “Soft!”.

With the crowd chanting “KOBE, KOBE, KOBE”, I’m sure Dwight Howard was wishing he was still in the off-season, lounging in his oversized banana-hammock surrounded by Yes-Men telling him how great he is……even though Dwight would NEVER admit it.  He decided to throw a weak elbow instead.

I’m NOT a Lakers (or Kobe) apologist by any means, but I’m on Kobe’s side with this one.  Dwight Howard IS soft, WAS soft and will always be SOFT.  He wears the persona of being a big, strong, physical tough-guy, but the reality is that he wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

If he wasn’t a god-given physical specimen, he’d be teaching Kindergarten kids how to crayon-color within the lines…..or serving my kids french fries from the drive-in on our way to a skiing trip.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to rooting against Kobe and the Lakers, but for now I’m with ya Black Mamba.


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