Justin Bieber has to be stopped

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Had to hit the game winner today at the gym

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Bieber has posted another round of terrible, Disney-film basketball highlight videos to his instagram.  I CAN’T HANDLE ANYMORE of this nonsense poser-basketball.

Apparently just because Bieber can afford his own gym in his house and has the means to pay desperate basketball flunkies to take a fall like they’re working for the Stookie Brothers:

Now Bieber seriously has deluded his grandeur to the point where he REALLY THINKS he can play ball.  Let’s analyze his opponents in this highlight video, shall we?

This guy has skater-shoes on his feet and a backwards hat.  Strike one and two.  Not to mention, who plays defense with their hands down around their ankles??  I’ll tell ya who, shitty guys.

this guy sucks

this guy sucks

Now check out these guys:

Here’s strike three and four, the all-Bieber defensive players of the year can’t manage to fight over the screen, switch the screen or even attempt to contest the jump-shot from the 5’6″ Bieber shooting from his chest like a little weak-armed bitch!?!?!?

call out the screen

call out the screen

I can’t stand it anymore, Bieber has completely turned into the rich kid on the block who sucks at sports but has the nicest basketball court, whose parents are always at work and they have a fully stocked kitchen/liquor cabinet.


written by: Casey S. Gutting


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