Philadelphia almost ruined their perfect season, by beating Memphis

The Philadelphia 76ers (2-21, 0-12 HOME) gave the Memphis Grizzlies (19-4, 8-3 AWAY) all they could handle and more tonight, taking the game to overtime and forcing Memphis to wake up from their 45-minute nap.  Memphis hit 8 threes in the fourth quarter to tie the game, send it to overtime and eventually win.  What a bunch of dicks.

(BTW, Mike Conley is quietly the most underrated PG in the NBA)

Philadelphia is the far-and-away leader in the **“Play Poor for Okafor” tank session this season in order to secure a high percentage chance at the number one pick for 2015.  But they were flirting with danger tonight by actually playing basketball and attempting to win A SINGLE home game.  The Philly fans must’ve thought it was the Allen Iverson-1999 Sixers, since they were winning AND Will Smith was sitting court-side.

I know I did, and I’m sure Fresh Prince still thinks it’s 1999 (because Scientoligists don’t believe in clocks or calenders).

Meanwhile, every time I watch a Memphis Grizzlies game, I sit in awe and hopefulness that they will be the first team in basketball history to have five left-handed players on the floor at once:  Mike Conley, Zach Randolph, Beno Udrih and Tayshaun Prince all on the roster at the same time, and they haven’t added a fifth lefty yet!?!?!  All we need is one more south-paw to complete the greatest starting five in basketball history, seriously all left-handed players HAS to be at least a 10-point advantage for a team right??  Call Sam Perkins!!  I bet he’s available.

You’re welcome for that video, I rabbit-holed into Chicago Bulls championships highlights for 30 minutes.

**other notable suggestions for 76ers tanking names:  “Sell the store for Okafor”, “I feel for Jahlil”, “Don’t do more for Okafor”, “Shut the door for Okafor” and my personal favorites “Over-pour for Okafor” and “Drink til ya hit the floor for Okafor”.


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