News-Flash, Doug Gotlieb is STILL a moron

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.18.54 PM

Gotlieb has put his foot in his mouth before, my favorite instance was when he described his presence on the ESPN College Basketball analyst desk as “giving the white man’s perspective on things” while on live TV.

Want some more history on Gotlieb’s character?

“After signing a national letter of intent with Notre Dame, Gottlieb was their starting point guard during the 1995-1996 college basketball season, starting all but the first four games and leading the team with 154 assists as well as steals and minutes played. However, Gottlieb’s stint at Notre Dame would be short. During Gottlieb’s freshman year, he was charged with stealing credit cards from a roommate and two others and fraudulently charging over $900 to those cards; Gottlieb has since stated that, after paying back the $900, he was allowed to say he was leaving Notre Dame, when in fact he was expelled.”


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