Tina-Fey Mozel-tov Traded to Cleveland

(Danger this has potential to become a Denver Nuggets rant)

On paper this looks like a Fuggets Nuggets win, they ship the perpetual dunk-punchline and “Rim Protector” (code for big, tall & terrible), Timofey Mozgof, to Cleveland for two future picks that have potential to be helpful.  Being a closet Nuggets fan for years has mostly been an exercise in futility, (wait what’s less than being futile?) but I CAN say that the one joy I have had lately is watching the Nuggets dismantle and ship out players fairly consistently starting with Carmelo Anthony in 2011.

The reason I’ve experienced so much joy and happiness from seeing players leave Denver is from the same type of joy someone gets from watching a structure fire or maybe the moment right before firecrackers are about to explode on the 4th of July, pure suspenseful anticipation of destruction.  WHAT”S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT???

I understood letting Melo go, nothing we could have done there.  But we drafted TERRIBLY for years, and then out of nowhere fired George Karl (Coach of the Year that year) and let Masai Ujiri (GM of the year that year) walk to Toronto (who’s now a contender in the East) because the Nuggets wouldn’t open up their wallets a little bit.  Did I mention George Karl & Masai Ujiri lead the 2012-2013 team to 57 wins (most in franchise history since 1975-76 ABA team), but were then “let go” after the season?

Since Denver consistently takes a ZERO in the NBA draft like they’ve been pledging for the NBA’s Delta House:

Don’t even get me started on the Nuggets NBA draft resume, it’s a whole thing and I’ll end up in the back of a police car, with my name on the news later tonight.

All the confusing fun comes from trades and free agency:  Like when they let fan-favorite Chauncey Billups go for no reason (finishing his career in Detroit instead of Denver), or when they traded FOR JR Smith, then traded him away again in the Melo deal.  Or maybe when they were able to sign Javelle McGee when NO ONE ELSE wanted him (cause he’s crazy), or when they traded for Jan Vesely and then sent him to Turkey, or when they traded for Aaron Brooks and played him big minutes for a half season then let him go……….the list goes on and on, with the newest class of WTF? moments currently in the MiIe High City that I’m sure will soon be exiled into the “So, what the hell was that all about?” realm of reality:

Nate Robinson – Why’d we even pick him up, you know he’s gonna get traded or free-agented away next week.

Aaron Afflalo – Seriously, how many times will we sign him (thinking he’s finally gonna turn into a star) and then trade him away the next season.

Wilson Chandler – How has he NOT BEEN TRADED yet?

Danilo Gallinari – How has he NOT BEEN TRADED yet?  Oh yeah, he can’t play more than 2 months in a row without a knee injury.

JJ Hickson – Was good 3 years before we got him.

I know that no one out there REALLY cares about the Nuggets (other than Colorado peeps), but I’m getting to the point of no return with them.  I just don’t understand what the hell they’re doing.  Although, credit where credit is due:  Mozgof for two first round picks is a STEAL as far as the Nuggets go.  That’s the first correct thing they’ve done in years.

Ok, I’ll stop now.  Email me if you want more about the Nuggets’ terrible NBA draft resume.

written by:  Casey S Gutting


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