Add another to the list of people who wanna fight Dwight Howard

It’s not rare to see Kevin Garnett being a dick and getting under the skin of other players.  But usually he does it with almost a playful smile.  Typically Garnett is the older brother who’s reminding the young kid that he’s the Alpha male under the hoop, a small pushing match later and Garnett mean-mugs and yells at the crowd for a few minutes.

But in this instance, it’s obvious he REALLY wants to put Dwight Howard on the ground.  Whatever it is that Dwight’s doing to piss everyone off, he better tread lightly.  At this rate, Ron Artest may come back into the league for one game just to take out the self-proclaimed “Real Superman”.

What's all this Superman talk!?!?

What’s all this Superman talk!?!?


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