And then depression set in………..

Colts 24 Broncos 13


In the 24 hours after the Colts dismantled the Broncos like a 4 year old destroys a lego castle, we’ve learned that Peyton Manning was playing on a torn quad for the last 4 weeks, John Fox is the scapegoat of the moment and has been sent packing, and the only thing that makes me feel worse than a Broncos playoff loss (with home field advantage) is the bag of Mountain Dew flavored Doritos I man-handled during the game (failed product placement).  Seriously, don’t those sound disgusting!?!?

John Elway (Only QB in history to LOOK like his mascot) stated:

“While we have made significant progress under Coach Fox, there is still work to be done. I believe this change at the head coaching position will be in the best interest of our long-term goal, which from day one has been to win World Championships. Our organization is fully dedicated to reaching Pat Bowlen’s high standards for his team as we begin the process of finding the next head coach to lead the Denver Broncos.”

The truth is, who knows what John Fox really did as the head coach in Denver.  Was it his coaching that yielded success the past few seasons or was it the combination of Peyton Manning and John Elway?

Fox inherited a team with a ton of young talent on the offensive side, he was handed Peyton Manning on a silver platter, and he was given several players in trades and through the draft courtesy of John Elway kicking more ass than a donkey salesman trying to push out the 2014 models.

Proof that in the NFL, what matters most is the ratio of playoff wins to playoff expectations.  Especially with Peyton Manning running the helm offensively.

Superbowl expectations yield very little wiggle room for perceived success, just ask Jim Harbaugh, Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner, Rex Ryan or Tony Dungy.  When expectations are high, so is the chance for getting your walking papers.

The real question is this, now what do I do with my Sundays?


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