Fox Business Predicts Attendance Will Be Down at the Super Bowl

Fox Business gave an effort at reporting the idea that the Super Bowl ticket sales are dropping and the NFL is expecting a record low attendance.  Aside from that being completely untrue (especially since we don’t even have the teams figured out yet), the brilliant Fox reporters then stumble over their words even more when they claim that the attendance levels have steadily dropped since 2011 when the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Green Bay Packers producing a single game record of over 100,000 people were at the game.  Of course they don’t mention anything about STADIUM SIZE and CAPACITY.  The 2011 Super Bowl was in Arlington Texas, where the largest capacity stadium in the NFL casts shadows over North Texas.  Cowboys Stadium can hold over 100,000 fans.

The Super Bowl has not been back at Cowboys Stadium since that game, so OF COURSE attendance has been down since then you morons.

Every Super Bowl EVER has sold out.  Yet Fox is predicting there will be under 70,000 fans there this year, and again meanwhile we don’t even know what teams will be there yet, so her argument about certain teams producing more fans than others is also pretty much out the window.  How are you predicting attendance numbers based on fans of particular teams when the teams haven’t even been established yet?

Oh, did I mention that the NFL mandates that at least 70,000 seats must be full at the Super Bowl?  I’m pretty sure they’ll hit that number this year as they have EVERY year.

The Fox “analyst” goes on to speak about how 75% of the tickets available “goes to the teams” and really only 25% of the seats are available to fans.  NOT TRUE.  First of all, what the hell does “go to the teams” mean?  There aren’t roughly 55,000 team employees or players’ family using those “team tickets” so I’m unsure what point she was swinging and missing on here?  The available tickets are bought/split among the NFL, the teams involved, corporate sponsors (like FOX for instance) and then to ticket agencies like StubHub.  Fox is so good at doing stuff.

Here’s a great Deadspin article that explains more in depth of the stupidity of this dumb-ass “business” analysis by Fox News.


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