NBA All-Star Rosters Announced

Fans voting is officially a big problem in the NBA (thanks Dr. Obvious).

The NBA All-Star rosters and starters have been announced, surprisingly the fans DID get something right by voting Steph Curry into the starting lineup in the West.  But then they managed to “bish don’t kill my vibe” when I read that Kobe Bryant was voted in as a starter in the West over James Harden or Russell Westbrook or Damian Lillard or Klay Thompson or ANY guard on the roster!?!?

Then as if voting Kobe in on the West side of the country wasn’t enough, the fans on the right coast voted in Carmelo Anthony as an East starter.  Here’s the full rosters:

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.28.29 PMCue the conversation/argument and frustration level with WHY CAN’T THE NBA JUST DO IT CORRECTLY?

I understand that EVERY year there will be snubs, there’s just not enough spots to vote in everyone who’s deserving.

But the fact that Kobe Bryant who has declined in every single statistical category this season, including only playing in 35 of the first 53 games and yet he’s still a starter in the All-Star game.

Oh, and the Lakers STINK and Kobe won’t stop shooting, even when his right shoulder is literally falling off:

Kobe is the first NBA player in history to have a MLB pitcher’s injury from over-usage, what’s next?  Deandre Jordan getting tennis elbow from batting away shots in the lane?  (i have no official proof for that Kobe statement).

Did I mention the same thing happened last season when Kobe played 6 games all year and was still voted into the All-Star game?!?!?  Fans voting needs to go away.

Here are your starters this season:Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.52.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.51.56 PM

Next in line for the firing squad: Carmelo Anthony.  Just like in Kobe’s case, Melo’s stats have all declined this season from what his normal career numbers are.  Of course a big part of this is due to the Knicks STINKING worse than the Lakers after a night out at the clubs in West Hollywood sweating it up to house music.

This season is a perfect opportunity to leave off players like Melo and Kobe and make room for other younger players.  ONE All-Star game miss isn’t going to tarnish their careers.

Two quick substitutions worthy of note:

1)  James Harden leads the league in scoring and living animals inside a beard, both these stats make him deserving of an All-Star start in the West.

2)  Al Horford deserves the start in the East more than Melo, he’s averaging career highs in points (15 ppg) blocks (1.4 bpg) and PER (20.92).  He’s also the leader on the court for the first ranked team in the East, Atlanta Hawks.  Which is a sentence that I never thought I’d ever mutter, “the first ranked team in the East, Atlanta Hawks”.

Two things I’m looking forward to in the All-Star game:

1)  The Spanish Civil War in the paint!!!!  Marc Gasol and his brother Pau Gasol will both start the game, Marc in the West and Pau in the East.  This has NEVER HAPPENED in the history of the NBA.  I’m sure nothing interesting will actually happen, like an old-fashioned Spanish stand-off at gunpoint, causing mustaches and red capes to flutter in the wind.  But maybe just maybe, they’ll hug under the basket instead of rebounding???

2)  Steph Curry playing with Blake Griffin for the West.  This is a pick and roll alley-oop of Shawn Kempian proportions waiting to happen!  How do you defend that!?!?  Fight over the top of the screen to respect Curry’s three-ball and Blake quickly releases to the basket to throw down on Gasol’s soul-glo curls!!?!?  Or, do you go under the screen to help make sure Blake can’t release, then Curry steps back and drills a 28 footer and smirks like Urkel from Family Matters:

You can't guard me

You can’t guard me


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