Karl Malone will fight everyone in this ROOM

Karl Malone went on Huff Post Live yesterday (why?) to do an interview with Marc Lamont Hill (serial killer name).  I have no idea why he was on Huff Post Live, I suppose they must’ve needed that always important 45-60 years old Utah Jazz fan demo in order to boost ratings??

Basically the interview turned into “The Mailman” challenging Kobe Bryant to fistacuffs, any time, any place.  This interview is even BETTER when you read the transcription:

Malone’s agent, Dwight Manley, told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday that Malone was asked by Vanessa Bryant, “Hey, cowboy, what are you hunting?” in reference to Malone wearing a cowboy hat and boots.

“She said it twice,” Manley said, “and Karl answered, ‘I’m hunting for little Mexican girls.’ ”

Malone continued on……..

Malone:  “You gotta understand, Marc, I’m a hunter, so I’m already right there anyways. … I love Westerns. I’m old school Western. Back in the day when you had a beef, you didn’t get guns and knives, you just “hey Marc, I got a problem.” We just go in the back with no cameras, no nothing, let’s just knuckle up and get it over with.”

Hill:  “Did you ever make that offer to Kobe?”

Malone:  “No, but it’s standing.”

Malone later on in the interview would add:

“I’m 6’9″, 272, to be exact. I’m not hard to find. I don’t want no trouble, but if something gotta go down, I’m not playing fair. We gotta get down, then we gotta get down, I’m just telling you.”

And you know Karl Malone is dead serious, I mean he did do this once:


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