76ers are stocking up on height and inability to shoot

The 76ers have reportedly agreed to a deal with the Nuggets that will send the ever entertaining, always injured, snake-charming, backwards high-fiving, perpetually a teenager, Javale McGee to Philly.

Here’s three minutes of Javale McGee uh…………highlights???

Just so we’re on the same page, the 76ers now have at Power Forward/Center:

Nerlens Noel 6’11” (can’t score)

Firken Aldimar 6’10” (can’t score)

Joel Embiid 7’0″ (can’t stay healthy or shoot outside 5 feet)

Henry Sims 6’10” (can’t score)

Javale McGee 7’1″ (can barely walk and chew gum)

Philly has been tanking the last 3 seasons in order to rebuild, but I’ve yet to see the actual “rebuild” happen.  I’m not sure what to tell Philly fans, except:  “Hey, at least you’re not the Nuggets.”

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