Uh, Marshawn Lynch made a movie that kinda looks like bad porn

At first glance, this looks like the worst home-video version of Any Given Sunday meets Friday Night Lights set in Oakland that ANYONE could ever imagine.  But then towards the end of the promo, there’s a bit of a porn-ish vibe happening and it seems like “Beast Mode” is about to start crushing ass on camera in the name of art, film and football.  I’m so confused right now.

Uconn CB Shatters Records at NFL Combine

UConn cornerback and NFL prospect, Byron Jones is an Afffffffleeeeeeeete; on Monday at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine he not only set NFL combine records but also WORLD RECORDS.

His vertical leap marked at 44.5-inches, to put in some perspective:  Byron Jones could jump over an Olympic hurdle (3.5 feet tall) without any kind of running start, from a still position he can jump over it without bending his knees and lifting his legs up at all.  The only thing I can jump over like that is a phone book (after a warm up).

Jones also recorded an astonishing 12-foot, 3-inch broad jump that set not only a combine record, but also shattered the WORLD RECORD of 11-feet, 4 1/2-inches.

As several NFL General Managers salivated over his results, the real question for the Corner Back is can he cover anyone?

Ricky Rubio Wears Ice Skates

Ricky Rubio ice skated his way out of position while attempting to defend the “Lumberjack South-Paw”, James Harden last night in Houston.

Rubio’s ankles were last seen yesterday around 8pm Eastern time, they are now officially reported missing and as every police procedural tv show has ever taught us, the first 48 hours of a missing person case are the MOST critical.