The Denver Nuggets are the worst

The Denver Nuggets as a franchise have completely fallen off a cliff in the last 2 seasons worse than any Roadrunner vs. Wile e Coyote duel I’ve ever seen.

1)  The front office made two HUGE mistakes in 2013, firing George Karl after 10 years of playoff appearances and an NBA Coach of the Year award, AND letting the GM of the year (’13) Masai Ujiri walk away and move to Toronto (who is now a solid playoff team btw).

2)  They hired Brian Shaw (first time head coach) as the coach to replace a (HOF?) seasoned coach in George Karl.  Shaw is a guy that had been passed up by the Lakers, the Knicks, the Nets, the Pelicans and basically every other team in the NBA over the past 5 years.  Why was he was passed up by so many franchises??  I think we’re seeing the reason now.

3)  When you fire the coach of the year AND let the GM of the year walk away, you HAVE to have some kind of plan for the future.  Otherwise, you’re basically saying we don’t care what happens for the next 5 years.  The Nuggets had no plan, they fired George Karl because they became enamored with the idea of “someone new” and apparently 10 years in the playoffs, and a trip to the Western Conference Finals wasn’t enough.  How’s that feeling now Denver??  You’re like the dumbass 45-year old married guy who leaves his terrific, STILL HOT wife of 20 years because your 26 year old assistant says to you, “you don’t look 45, my roommate saw a pic of you on facebook and said you were cute”.

(my head hurts even typing that sentence, did you hear that statement in a high pitched Kim Kardashian voice too?)

4)  Small market teams are forced to draft well and pull off medium-sized, financially valid trades in order to stay relevant (Denver has not), top tier players are not going to go freely to Denver, Utah, Minnesota, Orlando, Toronto etc……..the smart small market teams that not only drafted well but were able to somehow KEEP players there are OKC, San Antonio and now Golden State.  Houston and Dallas are a bit of an anomaly, mid-market teams that somehow can still get big names in free agency (but look at how they do it, by overpaying……and great strip clubs, Houston).

5)  The Nuggets draft picks and draft-trades overall have been ATROCIOUS in the last 10 years:


Carmelo Anthony – 8 seasons with the Nuggets 3x all-star (now gone)**

Sani Becirovic – 1 season with the Nuggets

Acquired by trades:

Yuyang Xue – Never played for the Nuggets

Nene – 10 seasons with the Nuggets (now gone)


Jameer Nelson – Never played for the Nuggets (THIS year traded back to Denver)


Axel Harvelle – Never played with the Nuggets

Julius Hodge – 2 seasons with the Nuggets (now NBDL/Overseas)

Jarrett Jack – never played with the Nuggets

Acquired by trades:

Linas Kleiza – 4 seasons with the Nuggets (now playing overseas)

Ricky Sanchez – 2 seasons with the Nuggets (now playing overseas)


Leon Powe – Never played with the Nuggets


Drafted no players


Acquired by trades:

Sonny Weems – 1 season with the Nuggets (NBDL/Overseas)


Sergio Llull – never played with the Nuggets

Acquired by trades:

Ty Lawson – 5 seasons with the Nuggets


Drafted no Players


Kenneth Faried – 3 seasons with the Nuggets

Acquired by trades:

Raymond Felton – 1 season with the Nuggets (facing gun charges in NY)

Andre Miller – 7 seasons with the Nuggets (now gone)

Jordan Hamilton – 3 seasons with the Nuggets (now gone)

Chu Chu Maduabum – 1 season with the Nuggets (now Overseas)


Evan Frounier – 2 seasons with the Nuggets (now gone)

Quincy Miller – 2 seasons with the Nuggets (NBDL)

Izzet Turkyilmaz – never played for the Nuggets


Rudy Gobert – never played for the Nuggets

Acquired by trades:

Darrell Arthur – averages 7 ppg, 3 rpg

Erick Green – averages 8 minutes per game

Joffrey Lauvergne – never played for the Nuggets


Doug McDermott – traded to Chicago

Nikola Jokic – still in Serbia

Roy Devyn Marble – traded to Orlando

Acquired by trades:

Jusuf Nurkic – now the starting center, 7 ppg, 6 rpg

Gary Harris – averages 10 minutes of playing time per game

Aaron Afflalo – now gone

**Sidenote: The Carmelo trade DID in fact help the Nuggets a bit in the long term, even though 2 of the main players aren’t in Denver anymore.  Danilo Gallinari (can’t stay healthy), Raymond Felton (gone), Timofey Mozgof (gone), Wilson Chandler (13 ppg, 6 rpg), and 2 NBD-Leaguers.  Wait a second, did the Knicks WIN the Carmelo trade and no one noticed???


The Nuggets have DRAFTED only 1 NBA All-Star in the last 15 years, Carmelo Anthony.

Say what you will about a team/franchise tanking for better draft picks (talking to you Philly), but at least that’s a blueprint, that’s a sticky-note that stuck to the wall, AT LEAST it’s an ethos!

The Denver Nuggets are the complete Nihilists of the NBA, they believe in NOTHINGs LEBOWSKIs (Russian accents require an “S” at the end of every word), we believe in NOTHINGs!

Now all the poor Nuggets fans have left is a busted up old car with bashed out windows that’s been set on fire by the front office (while the owner & GM desperately begs fans to still attend the games).  If we’ve learned nothing from Walter Sobchak, we at least know that without a kidnapping there is no ransom note!  You can’t hold your fans hostage without there being a plan of attack or a reason!!

Ronda Rousey will break your arm

You just watched the entire fight on Saturday night at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.  It took Ronda Rousey all of 14 seconds to get Cat Zingano to tap out before her arm was bent in the opposite direction.

It marks Rousey’s fifth UFC title defense, four of which have ended in the first round. Her past three title fights have lasted 66, 16 and 14 seconds.  The finish sets a new UFC record for fastest ever in a title fight, besting former heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski’s 15-second knockout over Paul Buentello at UFC 55.

Zingano was quoted after the fight:

“I want to do it again, I just, f—. She did it. She did a great job. I want to do it again.”

Zingano sounds like she just got off the California Screamin’ roller coaster at Disneyland and her adrenaline yelled out “DO IT AGAIN!!!!  I want some more!!!!”.

Maybe next fight Cat will last 16 seconds before Rousey breaks her arm???