GREAT article on the NCAA Tourney

the cola

If you’re a college basketball fan, March arrived and you woke up and raced to your nearest device to link the March Madness theme song to everyone on your group thread. If you’re hardcore, you might have even linked it to everyone in your phone. Go on with your bad self.

Since (we think) it’s the most wonderful time of the year with the tournament only days away, I put together a list of indicators to potentially help you come to terms with the obsessive nature of your reality. Naturally, “obsessive” is intended as a compliment.

  1. You’re willing to burn some of your vacation PTO to sit on your couch instead of saving it for that exotic vacation you’ve been planning.
  1. Every year your bracket has more bells and whistles than the last. Seeing this, your wife confronts you because she has finally put together where your “discretionary budget” dollars…

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