Brackets Busted

We’re half way through the first day of games and ALREADY we have two 14-seeds moving on and an 11-seed grabbing a VERY SUSPECT victory.

First of all, WTF just happened in the UCLA/SMU game!?!?!  A very questionable goal-tending call on a Bryce Alford (UCLA) three-point attempt gave the Bruins a 60-59 lead over Larry Brown’s SMU Mustangs with about 10 seconds left in the game.

The referees went to the table to check the replay, then apparently realized that it was a non-reviewable call by NCAA tournament rules, and before the TV crew could even get the cameras back to the action, the ball had been in-bounded and SMU was running a play for their final shot at the win.  FINAL HORN SOUNDS, game over, UCLA wins.

la-sp-ucla-smu-glance-20150316The sun just keeps shining on UCLA, they got lucky even getting into the tourney this season, NOW this win over SMU was gifted to them like the NCAA was paying tribute to Uncle Paulie Pavilion (see what I did there?).  Just like we used to do in the old country (Casino reference AND a Goodfellas reference!??!)

Secondly, Georgia State (14-seed) BEAT Baylor (3-seed) 57-56.  RJ Hunter lead his Georgia State Panthers to the victory with a HUGE, deep three-pointer late in the game that sent his father/head coach Ron Hunter to the ground while celebrating.

Check out the sideline celebration

Check out the sideline celebration

Lastly, UAB (14-seed) BEAT Iowa State (3-seed) and single-handedly ruined the South bracket for 99% of the country.

We’re only half-way through the first day and already I’ve had 3 heart attacks.

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