Colin Cowherd is the worst

If you’ve ever listened to Colin Cowherd’s radio show for longer than 10 minutes you’ve probably found yourself muttering the following out-loud before you change the station:

1)  This guy can’t really believe the load of bullshit he’s spewing out can he?

2)  Wait, I think he really DOES believe his own complete and utter bullshit!

3)  This guy is an idiot.

4)  This guy sounds really really white.

5)  I guarantee he’s a mouth-breather, he’s probably never actually played a sport in his life either.

6)  Is he racist?  Did he just say what I think he said?

On his show this morning he claimed that he liked the state of Oregon because:

How about wonderful people, mostly white, that drink lots of beer and wine. Don’t screw with Oregon


Great people. NBA team. Seahawks up the road. Unbelievable wine. The coast. Oregon’s like a four-seed—Oregon’s really nice.

Click Here for the Deadspin article that contains the video clip of his simulcast on ESPN.  Cowherd sounds like the offensive white guy at a dinner party that says something racist, then tries to cover it up with a statement like, “I’m not racist, I swear, I have tons of black friends”.

Cowherd, later on during his rambling of pro-white/wine drinking propaganda, half-assed an apology on air using the “If I offended you, I’m sorry” technique:

This is the same guy who hates John Wall because he did the “Dougie” as he was being announced in the starting lineup once.

Want more of Colin’s ridiculous rants?  Check out this part of his show for more tidbits of racism and complete stupidity.

It’s amazing that this guy still has a job and a show, somehow this resume of dumb, racist, elitist comments that pour out of his mouth on a daily basis go unnoticed by ESPN, which makes me wonder if anyone’s even listening.

One thought on “Colin Cowherd is the worst

  1. At best Colin’s freudian slip is showing. personally i’d be happy he left espn and went to foxnews they love pulling shit right out of their asses he’d be a hero there.

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