Kendrick Lamar+Seinfeld Theme=MIND BLOWN

Firstly let me say this; I hate the word “mashup”, when I hear that word as it pertains to music I inadvertently and uncontrollably can only think of mashed potatoes and the worst techno-club-fist-pumping DJ ever (probably named DJ Douche):


I’ll never understand paying money and going to a concert (standing in a crowded-ass, little space) where a “DJ” plays music from his Laptop.

Anyway, I digress……………This mashed-potato pop-up came to my attention while searching the world wide web today, and immediately had my full interest causing me to leave my DJ Douchebag/mashup inhibitions at the door.  They had me hooked instantly due to the usage of two names that no one EVER expected to read in the same sentence:  Kendrick Lamar & Seinfeld.

(click on those names for mind-blowing-ness)

The quick write-up via Esquire about this genius-beyond-our-knowledge is linked here, enjoy.