Media Member picks a fight with A-A-Ron Rodgers

The Wisconsin/Arizona Elite 8 game on Saturday had a star-studded audience, including Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, his girlfriend and actress Olivia Munn AND this d-bag CBS media-lackey:


Why is he so mad at Aaron Rodgers?  No one knows, but D-Dodd (way too many Ds in his name btw) continued his displaced twitter fury about Aaron Rodgers STANDING ON A BASKETBALL COURT AFTER A GAME:

ScreenShot2 ScreenShot3

Seriously, this guy couldn’t possibly look like more of a journo-dick complaining about why Aaron Rodgers got to cutsy the line for recess.  He may as well have been yelling, “Aaron Cut the line!!  Aaron cut the line!!  NO CUTSIES AARON!!!”

And because A-A-Ron is a badass, he responded via twitter (no doubt while cuddled up with Olivia Munn on his king-sized bed in his President’s suite hotel room cause he’s a fucking boss and runs shit in Wisconsin):



So congratulations to D-Dodd, today people know your name, tomorrow you’ll be forgotten and added to the pile of moron journalists who need an ass-whoppin: