Jeff Van Gundy Doesn’t Care

ESPN will broadcast the 2015 Masters at Augusta starting tomorrow and NBA commentator Jeff Van Gundy gives NONE shits (cause he’s a BOSS) that the mother-ship signs his paychecks.

Van Gundy: Oh, like they didn’t allow black people and women in there? Something like that? … Yeah, I’m glad we’re quiet about that. But anyway, howabout Jack Nicklaus making a hole-in-one today in the par three tournament.

Mark Jackson: (laughing) You can’t go from blacks and women to Jack getting a hole-in-one.

Van Gundy: Well I’m going to say it. Would I have been wrong, like, maybe pointing that out, that there’s something wrong with that?

I’m sure someone from ESPN Corporate toilet-training will say something to JVG about his comments, but I guarantee he’ll keep on being Jeff Van Gundy and just keep saying what we’re all thinking at any given moment.

Oh, and here’s Jack Nicklaus’ hole-in-one: