Over The Weekend

It’s officially baseball season, we’re a week away from the NBA Playoffs, the Masters at Augusta happened, and the NFL Draft Coverage is so thick I think I need Mucinex to loosen it up before it gags me to death.

Needless to say this past weekend was full of highlights and lowlights worthy of discussion, so here’s a quick overview:

Live from the AA Texas Rangers affiliate, Frisco RoughRiders manager Joe Mikulik goes berzerk after his pitcher is tossed from the game for buzzing the tower on a batter.  Joe Mikulik is no stranger to the limelight, click here for more of his Ricky Vaughn-type antics.

  • Jose Bautista crushed a Darren O’Day pitch into the left field stands, then skip-to-my-lou’ed his way to first base which is basically the baseball version of EFF YOU DUDE!


Probably in response to this strike out skip-rope that Darren O’Day put on him in 2013:  g65n6tjax0taqf3erdrk

  • David Ortiz called Jacoby Ellsbury a “rich bitch” and carried on the tradition of the Sox/Yankees rivalry even though half the Yankees are former Sox players (always more important to the fans than the actual players).

  • Jack Nicklaus sunk his first career hole-in-one at the par three contest at Augusta:

  • Tiger had glimpses of the vintage Tiger we all know and love, like this crazy-ass shot curved behind a tree and somehow landing on the green:

  • But then Bad Tiger showed up too:

  • Dustin Johnson hit a shot that would even make me say ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!?!?!

  • Jordan Spieth won his first Masters and became the second youngest player to ever win by being a bad-ass and Tin-Cupping big shots like this when he probably should’ve just layed up:

  • The NBA Playoff picture is pretty much set:

Western Conference

Eastern Conference

  • And lastly, The NFL Draft Coverage has become completely annoying:

Three months ago:

Two months ago:

Three weeks ago:

One week ago:

EVEN STILL, NFL analyst and football genius, Mike Mayock just isn’t buying Jameis Winston as a #1 pick:

Click Here

Hopefully this helps you catch up with the best and worst of the weekend, have a great Monday my Cola-followers, I’ll leave you with this:

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