Gregg Popovich is the BEST post-game interview

Popovich is the best, the absolute best.  He perfectly exposes the ridiculous and stupid nature of post-game interviews.  Sticking a microphone in a professional coach or athlete’s face moments after a win or a loss and asking mundane and generally repetitive questions just for the sake of “getting a quote” is by far the stupidest and most worthless part of sports.  Well that, and also listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio.

Is Popovich a bit of an asshole?  YES.  Is it warranted?  YES.  Does he have every right to NOT want to do a post-game interview?  YES.  If some moron stuck a microphone in your face EVERYDAY and asked you idiotic, generally dumb questions about something you’ve been working your entire life to accomplish; would you eventually NOT give a shit and just be a dick?  YES (don’t kid yourself, of course you would).

He gets paid to coach, not give sound bites (now here’s the part where people argue that it’s part of the deal when you’re a professional coach).  You gotta respect his ability to consistently entertain us by NOT entertaining us.