The NFL Keeps Bashing Us Over The Head With Content

Tonight the NFL Network aired a two hour jerk-session to show us the schedule for the 2015 season that basically NEVER changes any year because we all know who’s pretty much gonna be playing each other.


this is the graphic they use to get you excited….can you feel it??


The NFL managed to turn what should be an internet-only release of something we’d look at for all of 5 minutes into what equates to 2 episodes worth of Game of Thrones.  Seriously, you could’ve just watched both of this season’s Game of Thrones episodes and then just looked up the NFL schedule on your phone and then fell asleep.

So why does the NFL feel the need to completely nut-slap us every minute of every DAMN day with complete bull shit, EVEN IN THE OFF-SEASON!?!?

Because they are an insecure, whiny, contradicting, money-whoring organization and unfortunately I can’t stop watching it’s product between August and February.  I wish I knew how to quit you, NFL.

But seriously, we get it.  You can stop with all the Schedule Release Parties and can ya tone down the effing Draft coverage please!?!?  Now Mariota is going #1 huh, yeah OK.

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