Prodigal Bumb?

Chavez vs. Fonfara


  1. Chavez shoulda listened to his daddy Julio Chavez Sr. and NOT taken this fight. Trying so hard to get out of his legendary father’s shadow, that he didn’t take Dad’s sound advice.
  2. His track record for NOT  being dedicated to the craft was clearly evident in his fight tonight.
  3. Fonfara is the 1st Chavez Jr. opponent I’ve seen that he wasn’t bigger and stronger than, and therefore, NOT be able to bully per usual, but actually GOT bullied…as evidenced by his EARLY complaints to the referee.
  4. Summation, Chavez is a talented fighter but lacks the dedication of his father and as he faces tougher opponents (as he did tonight) he will not get the benefit of the doubt as he is used too.

-written by Che K’Hama

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