Everything You Need to Know About Whiskey (Slow Sports Day)

Recently, Esquire posted a great article (click here) articulating what every person who loves whiskey should know about grandpa’s cough medicine.  Here’s a taste of the semipretentious genius information that apparently we should all already know………..


Whiskey is made from beer. Boring, sometimes weird beer, but beer nonetheless.


Whiskey bottled at the (high) proof at which it came out of the barrel. More expensive, ounce for ounce, but if you’re willing to add your own water, you’re getting more whiskey for the price.


When whiskey gets cold, some of its fatty acids congeal, causing it to look cloudy. Most makers filter them, even at the cost of slightly diminishing the flavor.


Uses steam injection to strip the beer of alcohol and produces a cleaner spirit than a pot still does. Column-still whiskeys don’t need as much age, but they don’t get that depth of grain flavor, either.

Column StillAnd here’s pictures of whiskey celebs that make me want to leave work right now and go drink whiskey (marketing win):
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