So, You Did Steroids…..

I’ve always loved the before and after photos of roided-out athletes/celebs, I find it hilarious.  Admittedly, this material is a tad outdated (who gives a shit about Steroids anymore) but it made me laugh, and on a slow Monday I figured….what the hell.


310 a6 brian-cushing-before-and-after before-after-christian-bale-beforeafter-gym-by-panchovilla-b before-and-after barry-steroids carrot-top-plastic-surgery-before-and-after carrottop conseco bondsbeforeandaftersteroids homerun-records-tainted-by-steroids The-Rock-Steroids steroids-helped-him-get-those-homeruns sammy-sosa-before-after_steroids merrimanbeforeafter mark-mcgwire-steroidsCREDIT-SI

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