Duke Wins Again

Five-star power forward high school recruit, Brandon Ingram has decided to be a Blue Devil next season (only season), and the whole college basketball world collectively shakes their head in disgust.


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This is a smack in the face for all UNC Tarheel fans, as you can see in the above photo, Ingram played for Jerry Stackhouse’s AAU program over the past few summers and is a local North Carolina kid.  After adding up the simple basketball math, MOST college basketball recruiting pundits had him choosing to be a Tarheel instead of going to the darkside in Durham.

Even though Brandon Ingram is probably a one-and-done type player, it’s unbelievable how the rich keep getting richer lately.  Coach K just keeps winning, like a boss.


****CONSPIRACY THEORY:  Ingram (his people) may know more than most, perhaps this move is an indication of what’s about to come down the pipeline towards UNC for various academic fraud investigations (click here)?  Maybe we should read between the lines here???

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