Floyd Mayweather Can’t NOT Be an Asshole


Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want Michelle Beadle or Rachel Nichols of ESPN and CNN respectively, to be at his fight tonight.  Why?  Because he’s a misogynist asshole.

More specifically, because both these women have spoke out publicly about Floyd Mayweather’s history of domestic abuse of women (click here).

After the Mayweather camp learned that Beadle had publicly condemned Mayweather for his history of violence against women, they (via their network, the CBS-owned Showtime) denied Beadle a press credential for the fight.

Mayweather/Showtime also said no to a press credential for CNN’s Rachel Nichols, who completely bitch-slapped Mayweather on air last year for his repeated domestic abuse accusations (click here).

A source told Deadspin that Mayweather’s publicist, Kelly Swanson, told producers there’s “no way” Nichols gets in.

Mayweather beats women, that’s the long and short of it.  He probably smacks Bieber around too just because he looks like a woman.

While we’re on the subject off complete assholes, seriously…what the hell is wrong with Stephen A. Smith?


Amari Cooper Seems Excited (?) to be in Oakland


The Raiders selected Alabama WR, Amari Cooper with the 4th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft and Mr. Cooper looks more excited than Rex Ryan at an all you can eat pork and beans buffet.

The Raiders posted the photo online and called it Amari’s “game face”, OR maybe he just realized this wasn’t a nightmare and he really did get drafted by the worst franchise in the NFL.