Surprise, Surprise, Aaron Hernandez Threatens Players on The Field


Former Titans cornerback and current CFL-ite Ryan Mouto has spoken out with his story about Aaron Hernandez’s on the field threats.

Scene:  The Patriots VS. Titans in 2012

The Plot:  Mouton lays out Aaron Hernandez after a catch, knocking off the tight end’s helmet.

The Threat:  Aaron Hernandez allegedly says, “I’ll Fucking Kill You Bro” (or something like that).

The Rub:  Aaron Hernandez probably did kill a guy or two right around this same time in 2012.

The Result:  Titans CB Ryan Mouto escapes to Canada, hiding in the NFL’s witness protection program, the CFL.

Mouton’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are now protected, so he hasn’t elaborated on the subject lately.  Let’s hope Hernandez doesn’t have people in Canada.