Delaying the Inevitable

-originally posted May, 20th 2015-

written by resident stand-up comedian, Tom Slovinski.

This year’s NCAA National Championship game between Duke and Wisconsin was the highest rated game since the 1997 National Championship between Arizona and Kentucky. Duke was anchored by three freshman that are already counting the days down until the NBA draft versus a Wisconsin team lead by mostly upperclassmen. This seems to be the new normal for the NCAA championship. There is a lot of talk about one and dones with Kentucky’s John Calipari catching most of the flack due to his ability to field almost an entire team of NBA ready freshman.

I don’t have any ill feelings for Calipari or Coach K, they are simply abiding by a rule that is ignorant. The NBA needs to figure something better out. Forcing a kid to go to school in no way is preparing him for the life of an NBA player.

Let the kids choose what they want to do.

The NBA initiated the rule to try and protect their brand along with trying to help these kids develop, but if a kid is purely going to college to play ball with no thirst for a higher education or the college experience, what are they developing?

What about the athlete that wants to be in school? What about the kid that buys into a system so whole-heartedly, that four years doesn’t even feel long enough to him? College is supposed to be used as a way to help mold a young person into the adult that they were meant to be. It’s not a highway area rest stop that you use out of necessity while passing time to the next chapter of your life.

If a kid doesn’t want to go to college why should we force them? Aren’t we taking scholarships and playing time away from kids that actually want to be there? Commitment is a fact of life, but these kids are barely committing to twenty five percent of what other freshman are preparing for.

The bottom line is that if these kids are good enough to play in the pro’s why are we making them wait? Especially when the NBA hasn’t found a proper punishment for teams intentionally losing games to get a higher draft pick. How is that a more acceptable practice then allowing an eighteen year old kid to make a decision that best fits him and his families’ situation.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark/basketball and until the NBA accepts the fact that forcing a kid to wait to enter the draft in no way prepares him for all of the pitfalls that come with being an NBA player, this ridiculousness will continue to happen.

Adam Silver is a good commissioner and it’s time that he fully reassesses his stance.

A higher education means nothing if your entering a league of low standards.


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