How NOT to Run a College Athletics Program


The University of Alabama Birmingham announced today they would reinstate the football program.  You know, the school that cancelled football and said to their athletes and students, “NO FUN WILL BE HAD ON SATURDAYS AT THIS SCHOOL EVER AGAIN!”  (OK maybe they didn’t actually say that)

About 6 months ago UAB’s Athletic Department made student athletes cry:

j0yqtztpi4m2pnrb0gc7Now, a quick 6 months later:

John Zenor of the Associated Press spoke to UAB president Ray Watts, who confirmed that the school would reinstate its football program.

“Our students, our alumni, the city of Birmingham and now many community members have stepped up with commitments to cover that $17.2 million operational deficit,” Watts said, via Zenor. “That’s why we’re in a position today to make this decision.”

So when UAB announced in December that it would terminate its football, bowling and rifle programs, apparently they were just kidding….as long as someone else raised the money to save it all.   Wait, they have a women’s bowling program AND a rifle program???

126307e62326e5f7eafc8ca5ca6d5edf_crop_northA fundraising subcommittee, headed by Justin Craft, a former player, raised more than $15 million, per John Talty of  Had it not been for this outside fundraising, UAB would still be football-less, rifle-shooting-less and “mark it eight, dude” jokes would have been extremely bad form on campus.  Does nobody around here give a shit about the rules!?!?

ESPN also reported on the program’s reinstatement, noting that a report from College Sports Solutions found that bringing back football (along with the rifle program and women’s bowling) would mean the school would operate at a $3.165 million deficit.  But don’t worry UAB, I’m sure some other great alumni will save your ass again.

Aside form the Athletic program publicly looking like idiots, due to graduation, recruitment nullifications, and transfers, UAB will need at least a few years before it can actually field a team, let alone return to bowl eligibility.  So by cancelling football in December and now reinstating it, they basically just set back the program 2-3 years for no reason.


Is it a coincidence that Texas State and UAB are almost the same exact colors?