Is Lebron James’ Legacy Tainted?

When compared to the greats in the game, splitting hairs between championship appearances, championship wins, lifetime stats, personal achievements and hairline receding all come into play.

Lebron is already on the short list for best of all-time, and he may be just now reaching his peak as a player.  But if he keeps losing championships, does that hurt his legacy?

Let’s say Lebron goes to 10 NBA championships in his career (very possible), if he only comes away with 3-4 wins, does that hurt him in the conversation of best ever?


Current NBA Players List

MJ went 6 for 6 in the NBA Championship department.  He also went 6 for 6 in NBA Finals MVP awards in the process, while never losing a game 6 or a game 7 in the Finals.  Does this change how we think of Lebron?

NBA Finals are Over, So Here’s Some Argentinian Soccer


With the NBA Finals now officially over, we will swiftly tumble into the deep, dark, bottomless depths of the sporting year referred to as “Sports Purgatory”.  

During this time of year, the only sport inhabiting our TVs are mid-season baseball and if you’re a junky, the NBA Summer League.  On the sports calender, this time in our life is the equivalent of the film “Mad Max”. 

Picture this if you will:

A rabid, flourishing sports fan loses all his/her various team’s respective hopes, dreams and remaining season as his sports crumble into darkness.  His/Her civilization is rapidly collapsing due to war on free time, excuses to watch games on TV and newly found family priorities as well as critical resource shortages.  The sporting world is a vast, brown sandstorm of shit turning and idling as it waits to completely annihilate the desire to consume any worthwhile sporting event.  Any hope of survival remaining rests solely on the shoulders of each individual man/woman and his/her ability to remain drunk until football season starts in the fall.  Good luck to everyone’s survival out there, happy hunting.

Until then, I will strive to bring you the most obscure and hopefully ridiculous sports topics and  commentary available to the world.

Today, I introduce you to Argentinian soccer: