Bye Felicia: DeAndre Jordan to Dallas


DeAndre Jordan signed a max deal with the Dallas Mavs yesterday, 4 years at $80 million.  Not a bad haul for the league’s leading rebounder.  It’s been reported that Jordan was fed up with the increasing criticism he was taking from teammate (and arguably the best PG in the league) Chris Paul.

According to ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz, the relationship between Jordan and Paul went downhill faster than an unattended rigshaw carrying an overweight mailman last season, when Paul grew more and more fed up with Jordan’s play on the court and apparently wouldn’t slap hands with him anymore:

Jordan and Chris Paul had gotten into it more than once, which led Jordan to start seriously contemplating what it might be like to play elsewhere in 2015-16.

He was tired of Paul’s constant barking and petty gestures, like distributing high-fives to the three other guys on the floor following a timeout but somehow freezing out Jordan.

TheCoLA take on the situation:

  • Deandre Jordan just made the same bad decision that many other big men with great point guards have made before.  Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire come to mind immediately when discussing big men who left great point guards only to realize they needed someone to give them the ball.
  • Jordan got less credit than he probably deserved in LA due to playing with two HUGE all-stars (Blake Griffin and CP3) but he gained a little more swagger than probably necessary after a few seasons of lob city courtesy of a top-5 pass-first point guard who made it pretty damn easy for him night in and night out.
  • DeAndre has every right to go get his money and chase a bigger offensive role in Dallas, but in all honesty there’s no way he has the success he had in LA without a GREAT point guard.  DeAndre doesn’t have the back-to-the-basket skills or any resemblance of an actual jump-shot, so where’s this bigger offensive role going to come from in Dallas?
  • Jordan is a pick and roll to the basket big man with shooting range to about 5 feet (not to mention his ATROCIOUS freethrow %); so tell me again, how does he think he’ll be better off without Chris Paul?

CP3 may complain a lot, he may make too many sour faces on the court, he may not give you a high-five as often as he should.  BUT, he’s the best passing point guard in the league and he EXCELS at pick and roll situations.  He has a 6th gear that very few players in the NBA have, he’s a leader and he runs the team flawlessly on the court.

DeAndre is replacing CP3 with Raymond Felton, JJ Barea and Devin Harris….combined those three players have been to one all-star game compared to CP3’s eight all-star appearances.

Sounds to me like DeAndre was too sensitive and never realized he needed to get on the same page as CP3, or maybe he just wanted to move home to Texas and not be challenged to get better by anyone.

Sorry DeAndre, you were fun to watch but this looks like the final act of your NBA screenplay.  Enjoy fighting for the 8th seed in the West.

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