As If You Need a Reminder (the greatest waste of 20 minutes for the weekend)

NBA fans who had the privilege of seeing Michael Jordan play in real life, in REAL form, would all agree with me that he and his game will always be sorely missed.

If you are under the age of 30 and/or didn’t have an older sibling, or parental figure to educate you about the man’s legacy, then stop reading this right now and go youtube, or google, or Lougle, or whatever the hell you kids are doing to waste time these days…….search “Michael Jordan Greatest Moments”.  

***Sidenote:  I will not argue with you or anyone that looks like you; the greatness of MJ as compared to any player that came AFTER him until Lebron gets 6 rings.  THEN and ONLY THEN, I will entertain the LBJ vs. MJ argument.  Until that time, don’t bother me with that BS.  Go sniff some glue and do some molly, the DJ is playing your favorite terrible mash-up.    

Anyway, there’s no reason for this posting tonight, other than the fact that basketball season is over, football hasn’t started and baseball before the all-star break is just plain boring.

So with that intro, I give you the two most random yet amazingly great MJ highlights that you probably never saw.

Tiger Woods can thank MJ for giving him the post-win celebration: single-fist-pump-and-stare idea that classed up a game-winner forever.

Also, this is the weirdest and most 80’s MJ video ever conceived by a human: