Chris Berman Will Kick Everyone’s Ass in This Room


ESPN’s big dog, Chris Berman must’ve told his barber to give him the ‘Merca cut.  Business in the front, 80’s coke-party in the back.  Seriously, look at that blonde-ish golden locks of pure 80’s action movie villain.

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When it Rains it Pours: Ty Lawson Edition

Sometimes you get the worm and sometimes the worm gets you.

According to TMZ, Denver Nuggets point guard (soon to be traded) Ty Lawson was arrested early this morning on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles on DUI charges.  Amazingly, in the video on the linked page (click here if you missed it) it seems likely that TMZ talked to Ty outside the club only minutes before he was pulled over.


According to police he was pulled over for speeding, then given a field sobriety test that he failed.  He was taken to jail and bail was set at $5,000 which is a drop in the bucket for a man who had $6,000 in cash in his pockets.

Cops say during the arrest, Lawson identified himself as an NBA player — and was carrying $6,000 IN CASH on his person. 

This is the second DUI arrest for Lawson in the past 6 months, he was pulled over in January by Denver police after a team dinner event.   He also reportedly has a DUI in Missouri from a few years ago.

The borderline All-Star is going through a tough time on and off the court right now, the Nuggets recently signed veteran point guard Jameer Nelson to a 3-year deal AND they drafted another point guard, Emmanuel Mudiay, who is KILLIN IT in the NBA Summer league.

A smarter person than I would read between the lines here and see a probably depressed guy (Lawson) who is struggling with everything that he holds close, he’s a man without a country at the moment waiting for an impending trade out of Denver and yet sports-professionalism says he can’t even really discuss it publicly.  He’s between a rock and hard place in his professional career.

Having said that, I do have a suggestion for him: Bruh…….just Uber it, seriously.  Get the app, it’s free, Uber.